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Variability of ffDNA in maternal plasma does not prevent correct classification of trisomy 21 using MeDIP-qPCR methodology

Kyriakou S, Kypri E, Spyrou C, Tsaliki E, Velissariou V, Papageorgiou EA, Patsalis PC. Prenatal Diagnosis (2013) doi: 10.1002/pd.4140. [PubMed]
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MeDIP real-time qPCR of maternal peripheral blood reliably identifies trisomy 21

Tsaliki E, Papageorgiou EA, Spyrou C, Koumbaris G, Kypri E, Kyriakou S, Sotiriou C, Touvana E, Keravnou A, Karagrigoriou A, Lamnissou K, Velissariou V, Patsalis PC. Prenatal Diagnosis (2012) 32:996-1001. [PubMed]
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A new non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome through epigenetic markers and real-time qPCR

Patsalis PC, Tsaliki E, Koumbaris G, Karagrigoriou A, Velissariou V, Papageorgiou EA. Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy (2012) 12 Suppl 1:S155-61. [PubMed]
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Fetal-specific DNA methylation ratio permits noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of trisomy 21

Papageorgiou EA, Karagrigoriou A, Tsaliki E, Velissariou V, Carter NP, Patsalis PC. Nature Medicine (2011)17:510-513. [PubMed]
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Differential DNA methylation as a tool for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD) of X chromosome aneuploidies

Della Ragione F, Mastrovito P, Campanile C, Conti A, Papageorgiou EA, Hultén MA, Patsalis PC, Carter NP, D'Esposito M. Journal of Molecular Diagnostics (2010) 12:797-807. [PubMed]
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Sites of differential DNA methylation between placenta and peripheral blood: Molecular markers for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of aneuploidies

Papageorgiou EA, Fiegler H, Rakyan V, Beck S, Hulten M, Lamnissou K, Carter NP, Patsalis PC. American Journal of Pathology (2009) 174:1609-1618. [PubMed]
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Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis: An epigenetic approach to the detection of common fetal chromosome disorders by analysis of maternal blood samples

Hulten MA, Papageorgiou EA, Della Ragione F, D’Esposito M, Carter N, Patsalis PC. Proceedings of the 6th international conference on circulating nucleic acids in plasma and serum held on 9-11 November 2009 in Hong Kong...
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